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TERA Sorcerer ranks the third hardest class to play, below Warriors and Mystics. They’ve got quite a learning curve, and take a bit of practice, because their spells all have different ranges and fire differently. But, they are a really fun class to play, and pump out tons of damage.

Before I get further into the guide, though, I want you all to be aware that the Sorc class completely changes at Level 48. Until Level 48, you will be sub-par DPS. Your damage will be decent, but it won’t stand out too much. At Level 48, however, you will all of a sudden, become the strongest damage dealingĀ class in TERA, and remain that way for the rest of your Sorc life.

TERA Sorcerer Female

First on the Sorc skill list is the basic attack Fireball. This basic attack does not restore mana, and serves more as a filler ability, that will eventually get phased out completely. Meaning once at max level, you will not use this skill anymore. You may even take it off your hot key bar. This is something you would only do as a Sorc.This speaks a bit as to why I said this is fairly difficult to play. You can strike backward while casting at the lower levels, though. Make no mistake, you will be using this skill for a long time.

Second on your list will be Flame Pillar.This is a close range spell that hits all enemies in front of you, repeatedly.The down side being you have to be incredibly close to use it. This spell is great at early levels, and you should use it to kill Mobs quickly. It can be glyphed to do more damage, but don’t grow too fond of this skill. It is a bad idea to use it on Bosses and in dungeons, because of it’s short range. You will eventually stop using it altogether, and will probably remove it from your bar.

Next, is easily your most important spell in your arsenal, Mana Infusion. Unlike, Priests and Mystics Mana Infusion, this skill works in combat while attacking or being attacked. It can be glyphed to get more mana, and I recommend glyphing it at later levels. I’ll explain why later on. It’s important to note, that a lot of your glyphs, as a Sorc will revolve around your mana rang, and at lower levels you might get frustrated and confused by this, as other classes get damage glyphs and utility glyphs. Once you hit 48 though, you’ll understand why it is all that Sorcs need. Mana costs and reduction glyphs are very important. You’ll be using them a lot, including this spell, once you get to higher levels. As a Sorc, you will also get backstepped, like the other range classes. It’s neat at lower levels, but this skill will be replaced completely later on, so I won’t go into it.

TERA Sorcerer Female 2Fourth is a spell called Magma Bomb. This is your first core damage ability. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the range at which this spell does damage. Because you will be using it a lot, and while it is easy to hit targets standing still with it in groups. While kiting and soloing, you will need to time it, and aim it properly so that it hits. Don’t worry though, the range on the skills damage is very forgiving, unlike some of the spells you get later on. One thing to note about this, is that you can glyph Magma Bomb to have a chance to reset it’s cool-down. This is an incredibly good glyph to get. I’ve had times where I was able to span Magma Bomb up to seven times in a row. Given that it is instant cast, it can get very bursty.

Next up is Painful Trap, a skill that has a fairly long cast time, and not a lot of practical applications. This is another spell that won’t make the cut at higher levels. It has it’s uses for it’s damage at lower levels, if you drop one before engaging in combat, and lure Mobs into it, or drop it on a large group of Mobs, or sit in it during PvP.

Your sixth spell is Time Gyre. This is essentially a snare that can be used in a ton of situations. Now, it’s very important to note that this is a snare, not a root, stun or interrupt. You can use it on bands that are running, to stop them, but you won’t actually interrupt them, or root them. They can still use abilities, and will continue on whatever ability, it is they were using, when you hit them with this. Most of their abilities make them move, too, so this snare has little effects on bands. However, it can help TERA Lancer get time to leash it, if it is running away. The practical applications of the spell are for PvP, to set up burst combos and CC combos, or protect yourself from melee attacks from Tera Warrior and Tera Slayers. I’ll go over the good spells you used with this, as they come up.

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