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TERA Sorcerer ranks the third hardest class to play, below Warriors and Mystics. They’ve got quite a learning curve, and take a bit of practice, because their spells all have different ranges and fire differently. But, they are a really fun class to play, and pump out tons of damage.

Before I get further into the guide, though, I want you all to be aware that the Sorc class completely changes at Level 48. Until Level 48, you will be sub-par DPS. Your damage will be decent, but it won’t stand out too much. At Level 48, however, you will all of a sudden, become the strongest damage dealing class in TERA, and remain that way for the rest of your Sorc life.

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First on the Sorc skill list is the basic attack Fireball. This basic attack does not restore mana, and serves more as a filler ability, that will eventually get phased out completely. Meaning once at max level, you will not use this skill anymore. You may even take it off your hot key bar. This is something you would only do as a Sorc.This speaks a bit as to why I said this is fairly difficult to play. You can strike backward while casting at the lower levels, though. Make no mistake, you will be using this skill for a long time.

Second on your list will be Flame Pillar.This is a close range spell that hits all enemies in front of you, repeatedly.The down side being you have to be incredibly close to use it. This spell is great at early levels, and you should use it to kill Mobs quickly. It can be glyphed to do more damage, but don’t grow too fond of this skill. It is a bad idea to use it on Bosses and in dungeons, because of it’s short range. You will eventually stop using it altogether, and will probably remove it from your bar.

Next, is easily your most important spell in your arsenal, Mana Infusion. Unlike, Priests and Mystics Mana Infusion, this skill works in combat while attacking or being attacked. It can be glyphed to get more mana, and I recommend glyphing it at later levels. I’ll explain why later on. It’s important to note, that a lot of your glyphs, as a Sorc will revolve around your mana rang, and at lower levels you might get frustrated and confused by this, as other classes get damage glyphs and utility glyphs. Once you hit 48 though, you’ll understand why it is all that Sorcs need. Mana costs and reduction glyphs are very important. You’ll be using them a lot, including this spell, once you get to higher levels. As a Sorc, you will also get backstepped, like the other range classes. It’s neat at lower levels, but this skill will be replaced completely later on, so I won’t go into it.

TERA Sorcerer Female 2Fourth is a spell called Magma Bomb. This is your first core damage ability. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the range at which this spell does damage. Because you will be using it a lot, and while it is easy to hit targets standing still with it in groups. While kiting and soloing, you will need to time it, and aim it properly so that it hits. Don’t worry though, the range on the skills damage is very forgiving, unlike some of the spells you get later on. One thing to note about this, is that you can glyph Magma Bomb to have a chance to reset it’s cool-down. This is an incredibly good glyph to get. I’ve had times where I was able to span Magma Bomb up to seven times in a row. Given that it is instant cast, it can get very bursty.

Next up is Painful Trap, a skill that has a fairly long cast time, and not a lot of practical applications. This is another spell that won’t make the cut at higher levels. It has it’s uses for it’s damage at lower levels, if you drop one before engaging in combat, and lure Mobs into it, or drop it on a large group of Mobs, or sit in it during PvP.

Your sixth spell is Time Gyre. This is essentially a snare that can be used in a ton of situations. Now, it’s very important to note that this is a snare, not a root, stun or interrupt. You can use it on bands that are running, to stop them, but you won’t actually interrupt them, or root them. They can still use abilities, and will continue on whatever ability, it is they were using, when you hit them with this. Most of their abilities make them move, too, so this snare has little effects on bands. However, it can help TERA Lancer get time to leash it, if it is running away. The practical applications of the spell are for PvP, to set up burst combos and CC combos, or protect yourself from melee attacks from Tera Warrior and Tera Slayers. I’ll go over the good spells you used with this, as they come up.

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Ice Needle is your next core ability, and it goes very nicely with Magma Bomb, given both of them are instant casts. You can glyph this to have reduced pull-down, and I recommend you do. This will be your main ability, because of how easy it is to use. It hits all targets in a line, passing through them for good AOE damage in slowing them. It has a fairly short cool-down, and can be used easily, and a lot in PvE and PvP situations. Also, note the slowing component to this spell, that slows the movement speed of anybody hit by it, making it easier to kite Melee that are training onto you in PvP, or kite Mobs that you’re kiting around, while doing damage to them.

I’d like to, briefly, go over something calculated into TERA Sorcerer Spells like this. First thing to note, is that Sorcerers are an AOE class. With the exception of about three skills, every single one of your spells hit multiple targets. You will quickly notice that the more targets you hit, the less damage you do to them. Spells that shoot in a line are no exception to this, but the damage they deal is calculated differently than AOE spells that hit all at once. The first target you hit with a spell in a line, like this, will take the full brunt of the damage, and then the following targets will take much less, rather than the damage being split evenly, like your other AOE spells. This is the case for all spells that fire in a line, in your arsenal. How you use this information is up to you, but make sure you are aware it is happening.

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Next is Pain Blast, an AOE poison that hits up to five targets. Note that, though the initial burst of this spell can hit more than five targets, only five targets that are hit will be afflicted by the poison. This, like Magma Bomb, has a unique place it hits, so make sure you get used to where this skill lands when you use it, and aim it properly. Also note, that the initial damage of f this spell when it hits is effected by gear, but the damage over time,that it puts on your enemies is not, and deals a set amount. Meaning that the spell is good for it’s initial burst, but the damage over time, it puts on enemies is rather useless. The fact that it does less damage to players is negligible, and doesn’t make the skill bad in PvP.

Mana Siphon is your second manna return skill. This is a good way to get manna back quickly, if you don’t have time to use Mana Infusion, and very good for stealing mana from players. Charged, it can take up to nine hundred manna from another player. Nine hundred is a lot, considering player mana pools are not that big. More importantly, is the fact that you can move while charging this, so it is easy to use in all situations. Unfortunately, there is a bug with this skill that makes it start auto-casting after you use it, after it’s all cooled down, even if you don’t try

TERA Sorcerer Gameplay to use it. This skill will just cast by itself, and charge itself, and can be rather annoying. The way to fix this is to try and use this skill again, while it is auto-casting, or just re-log your character.

Glacial Retreat is not a resort, but your main escape ability as a Sorc. Not only is this an escape ability, it does a lot of AOE damage while using it, and it is instant. You’ll find yourself using it, simply for it’s burst damage in PvE. It’s a good combo to use this with Magma Bomb, as it will give you the correct distance from your opponents, and slow them, so that Magma Bomb will hit. In PvP, this is an amazing escape, because of how crippling it is to Melee. If they don’t have a gap closer-off, cool-down this will give you the distance you need to hit them with some spells. Similar evasive spells can be found for the Tera Mystic and Tera Priest.

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TERA Sorcerer MaleYour next skill is called Arcane Pulse. This is a great charge skill for PvE, be it doing AOE damage, or single target hitting of bands.This is your third hardest hitting spell when fully charged. Unfortunately, this is another spell that will not make the cut, when you get your play style revamp at Level 58, so I won’t go into much. I don’t recommend ever trying to charge this in PvP, as it is easily dodged, and you can’t move while charging it.

Flaming Barrage is your next skill on the list, and one of your most valuable damage skills. It is your fourth hardest hitting skill, and will be your main source of damage in PvP and PvE. Firstly in PvE, because this spell is a great gap filler. It has a very short cool-down and hits decently hard on single targets. But, it’s a waste of time trying to use it for an AOE pull, unless it’s the Mob group that moves too fast to be hit by your other spells, like Minions, or they are very spread out. This fits nicely into any damage rotation between any spells, because it is almost always on cool-down. It’s a good idea to glyph this to cost less mana. In PvP, this will be your main damage skill, because of how hard it hits and the lack of aiming required. Any PvP player with some experience will be able to dodge the majority of your skills and this one is impossible to dodge, while it still deals some hefty damage. On top of that, you can almost span it, so in 1-1 situations, where you are kiting, use this.

Next is Teleport Jaunt. Like TERA Mystic version of this spell, it’s a great escape, and can be glyphed to have it’s cool-down reset. You will want to glyph it for PvP, because as a Sorc you are incredibly, incredibly squishy. Getting caught by other damage dealers, usually means an instant game over, at least until you get Mana Shield. I will go over Sorc survivability later on. Note that once you get this ability, you no longer need backset, because you can’t use this and backset at the same time. They share the same cool-down.

Mind Blast is your next spell. This is an AOE sleep that has no hit cap, but is pretty tricky to use. This is a long cast TERA Sorcerer Femaledialing long casts in front of you, as well as a long cool-down, so make sure you don’t miss. It’s a good idea to combo this spell with Time Gyre, to make sure it hits. Time Gyre doesn’t last long, but this sleep lasts a bit longer, and gives you the time to set-up a perfect kill combo in PvP. In PvE, this spell works with CC, or as an interrupt to the band.

Fireblast, oh, Fireblast. Your life as a Sorceress was empty and hollow, up until this point. This is your hardest hitting skill, and the second hardest hitting ability in TERA. I’m going to spend a bit of time on this one. First, it has a fairly long cast time, so while soloing it’s only smart to use this to initiate a pull. By the time the Mobs recognize you as a threat, and run to engage you, you will be able to land a hit with this, taking out most of the hit ones instantly.

Second, it has a hefty manna cost. I recommend glyphing the shit out of this spell, for it’s mana cost reduction, cast speed reduction, and increased damage to multiple targets. This is an incredible AOE spell, and an incredible single target nuke, as long as your target stays in it long enough, to get hit by it. The cast time is waivered later on, though. It’s a great to use this in PvP, with Time Gyre and Mind Blast, if you can. Don’t try casting it on someone that is mobile, as everyone will be very, very aware of how dangerous this spell is. They most likely spent years MMO’s, and learned not to stand and fire. This spell is one of the main reasons Sorc’s excel in groups. It’s your main damage skill, but it roots you in place, meaning you will have a hard time landing it, without a party member holding Mobs for you. Thus, Sorcs excel at AOE grinding, when grouped with TERA Lancer and used with Tera Lancer skills. While Sorcs end up being the highest DPS class at max level, they are required to stand-still in order to pump out their big numbers.
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Tera Sorcerer ClassNext up is Lightning Trap, a much more useful trap than the Painful Trap. This is an AOE stun. The stun is short, but it’s AOE, and great for PvP, as well as soloing while AOE grinding. You can drop this trap, for a large group of Mobs, and then when they are running into it, you can drop a Fire Blast on them. Or you can hide in it for PvP, and force enemies to engage into it. It has a long cast time though, so don’t use it too reactively.

Seventeenth on the list is a spell called Overchannel. This spell is basically a buff on whatever spell you use next. I recommend you using it with either Fire Blast, or Void Pulse, which is coming up. You should use this ability, as often as possible, with those two spells and glyph it for a lower cool-down, so it is up more often.

Next is Void Pulse, your second hardest hitting ability. This is a single target nuke that you can use in combination with Fire Blast, to do some nasty damage. This spell has a really slow missile speed, though, making it pretty easy to dodge in PvP. It can miss in PvE, if you are too far away from the band, and it moves as you fire it. It has a really long-range, though. Make sure you are using this spell off cool-down, even in AOE pools, because of how hard it hits. You should glyph the shit out of this spell, and make sure it has reduced mana costs and cooldown, because the mana costs is quite hefty.

TERA SorcererBurning Breath is the TERA Sorcerer Skill you will learn, and this skill is an odd one, to say the least. First, it is a lock-on skill, but it is instant cast, and cast-able while moving. It’s great in PvP situations, despite the fact that it says it does less damage to players. Secondly, I’ll point out that this DOT works like their poison dot, it does a set amount of damage, not based on your gear. This is both a good and a bad thing. It’s bad, because once you hit max level, you’ll get heavily geared, and the spell won’t keep up with your other spells damage. It’s good, because it’s damage is not mitigated, even in PvP. Also, note that this spell has a rare glyph, that makes it reduce the healing taken by the target. Making it amazing for setting up kills, as it forces the dis-bow while you are nuking. This spell is always good to use, though in situations where you are forced to be mobile, because you can cast it, without stopping running. I’m going to skip over your Level 48 skill, and the most important skill for now, and cover it at the end with the damage rotations.

Nineteenth on the list, and not a moment too soon, is your Mana Barrier ability. This is the skill that prevents you from being a one-shot, so get fond of it. It lasts 45 seconds, and has a 2 minute cool-down, so you can’t always have it up. It can be glyphed to increase your damage for 15 seconds, making it a nifty DPS cool-down. But, in PvP you should use this reactively, if you are getting focused. In PvE, you should almost never be getting hit, but in cases where you are in trouble, put this shield up, especially if you get a dot on yourself. This shield gives your Healer time to react or prevent you from being obliterated, in cases where you are about to take unavoidable damage.

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So, next I’ll go into your Level 52 skill, called Hail Storm. This is a great all-around spell for PvP and PvE. It does massive AOE damage, and in PvP completely shuts down any Melee trying to train you. It has a very high slow component, and can even be used to save Healers, if you drop this storm on them, when they have Melee on them. Alternatively, cast this on yourself and just sit in it. Most players are smart enough not to go into it, but it still protects you and your party for it’s duration. It’s great for kiting, and setting up Fire Blasts on large AOE pulls when soloing, as well.

The last two spells I’ll go over are both PvP spells. The first is Nerve Exhaustion that can hit up to four players, silencing them for 10 seconds. This is an incredibly powerful spell, that prevents your enemies from doing anything unless disspelled, though they can still move. It has a two minute cool-down. Because of this spell and the next, despite your squishiness in PvP, in proper team fights, and when you are guarded, you become a force to be reckoned with. But, note this spell is useless in PvE, and there is no point in hot keying it, if you are only doing dungeons.

Your last spell is called Mana Volley, another really strong PvP spell, that sucks the mana out of your enemies. You’ll initially think that this is great for sucking manna out of Healers, but it doesn’t just cripple Healers.Taking into account that in TERA, mana pools aren’t that big. More than that, both Slayers and Tera Berserker guides have to land basic attacks to gain mana to begin with. Hitting them with this shuts down damage and healing of a large group of enemies, while restoring manna to yourself. You’ll be using this a lot in PvE, too, because of the mana issues you will start to have. But, I’ll go over that next.

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Below is the skills summary for TERA Sorcerer. If you would like to read more advance content about this class, please visit Ways to be a professional TERA Sorcerer.

The final spell. Up to this point, leveling as a Sorc you will start having trouble soloing, and you will have trouble keeping up with other damaged Healers. You may start to hate your class, and ask yourself, what spell could I possibly get at 48 that magically makes Sorcerer the highest damage dealing class. Well, here it is. At Level 48 you get a spell called Burst of Celerity.Up until this point, you’ve realized you have been living a half-life, an unfulfilled caster life. I’m going to spend a lot of time on this skill, so prepare yourself.

At first glance, this spell is very lackluster. It increases your attack spell by 20%. Now, it’s important to note that in TERA, attack speed is a global stat, and you are better off thinking of it as an animation speed. Because what this stat does, is increase the animation of all of your skills. The second thing to know, is that there is a difference between attack speed, and charge speed. This spell does not effect your charging up skills, but it does effect your instant cast spells. Yes, instant cast spells are effected by attack speed. Why? Because, attack speed increases the animation. Hell, it even increases how fast you jump backward when you use Glacial Retreat. Now, 20% isn’t a big deal, so the first thing you are going to want to do, when you get this spell, is glyph it so that it’s 70% attack speed.TERA Sorcerer Magic

Before you get this spell, your rotation would roughly be Fire Blast, into Flame Barrage, into Void Pulse, into Flame Barrage, and repeat. Fill in with Magma Bomb, and Ice Needle, and Pain Blast, when needed. Your rotation, after you get this spell, should be something like, pass every single spell you can off, cool-down, button mash. It’s for this reason that Arcane Pulse is cut, because it doesn’t get boosted by this spell.

Joking aside, there’s a little finesse to be used, so I’ll go into the proper Sorc rotation. A typical rotation should start by using Overchannel, and if you flipped your Mana Shield for the strength boost, use it, too. Then use Burst of Celerity, and immediately cast the Fire Blast. Follow it with Void Pulse, Ice Needle, Magma Bomb, Fire Barrage, Pain Blast, Ice Needle, Fire Barrage, and then Flame Blast again, with another Over Charge. If you do it correctly, you should be able to have Celerity up for every single Fire Blast you cast, making your damage skyrocket. Maintaining this rotation will do three things. One, make Bosses die incredibly fast. Two, make you pull Agro incredibly fast, if your Lancer doesn’t know what he’s doing. And three, run you out of mana incredibly fast. This is why I said Mana Infusion was such an important skill. You’ll want to make sure it is up 100% of the time, make sure you’ve glyphed everything with mana TERA Sorcerer Spellreduction, otherwise you won’t be able to maintain this rotation. Even with Mana Infusion though, you’ll still constantly run short on manna, unless you have TERA Mystic babysitting you with Blue Balls. Don’t be afraid to throw in some Mana Siphons. Try to initiate a pull, with Mana Infusion already on yourself, before you start your first rotation, as well. This will help with your mana issues.

Also, don’t forget to keep Hail Storm up. Hail Storm doesn’t have a cast time, so you don’t really need to use while Celerity is up. Use it during the down-time that Celerity isn’t up, though Celerity has a very short cool-down of 25 seconds, while it’s up-time is 15 seconds, so it should be up a lot. That’s all for TERA Sorcerer guide. I hope you found this useful. Overall, Sorcs are a great AOE, and single target DPS class. But, they excel in groups, and have trouble dealing damage to highly mobile targets, or when they need to be highly mobile themselves. They are also very squishy, and can’t take many hits, which is why they are fairly difficult to master.